Group & Community Activities

Group & Community Activities

Community participation

Impakt Care is committed to social inclusion and community participation, in both the delivery and expansion of services, for disadvantaged participants. Our team will work in partnership with the community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, people with different sexual orientations and those with disabilities.

To improve and support the varying needs of people with disabilities, their families and advocates, we will access links between other service systems. We will:

  • consult with our participants to facilitate the provision of fair, equitable and transparent services
  • work with services in the community to ensure our participants are provided with relevant contacts to other services and community networks to enable the development of their personal goals, outcomes and aspirations, in line with their support plan
  • actively encourage and support our participants to maintain personal networks, community connections and participate in their community
  • use networks and community engagement feedback to inform management processes.

Impakt Care will ensure that the participant has consistent supports or services to allow them to undertake daily activities and supports to maintain their life choices.

We can help you to connect with other people in your local community. Our caring staff can take you out for shopping, restaurant and various other places like for instance your local library, shopping, swimming and many more based on your interests. Our staff will work with you to help you engage in activities of your interest.

Group Activities

We can work with you to help you participating in a range of community based, social based and recreational activities. We always do our best to pair participants with  workers who holds appropriate skills and knowledge. For us, participant requests are matched with preferred workers wherever possible.

Impakt Care adopts a policy of non-discrimination in the provision of our support services to our participants. So, we will always work with you to help you to live a meaningful life.

Impakt Care

Impakt Care is a registered NDIS Provider that provides a range of support services to clients with different array of disabilities in the Northern, Central and North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide in South Australia.

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